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First review of its kind provides important insights into the diagnosis of strangles in horses

A new study from the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), analysing laboratory diagnoses of strangles across the UK, has been published in leading veterinary journal, the Veterinary Record. It paves the […]

CBD oil can help manage canine osteoarthritis

The research base on the clinical use of CBD oil is rapidly expanding, and so is our understanding of the role that the endocannabinoid system plays in the progression of […]

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World Animal Day’s ‘Animal Photos of the Year’ challenge!

Following the success of last year’s competition, World Animal Day HQ has launched its second international ‘Animal Photos of the Year’ challenge. The contest is aimed at both amateur and […]

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy – A future game changer in the companion animal space?

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) is an important clinical tool in the human healthcare population and in many ways has revolutionised the treatment of acute and chronic complex wounds. It […]

The sensory gardens where rescued Greyhounds learn to be pets

On 30 May 2021 five new gardens were opened at ‘Greysland’; Greyhound Rescue’s Rehabilitation and Rehoming centre at Bargo, NSW. Nat Panzarino, Greyhound Rescue’s President, explains: “These unique gardens are […]

Video platforms normalize exotic pets

Researchers at the University of Adelaide are concerned video sharing platforms such as YouTube could be contributing to the normalisation of exotic pets and encouraging the exotic pet trade. In […]

Animal Welfare League NSW continues to assist with the state’s flood relief and evacuation efforts

As heavy rain continues to pummel parts of New South Wales, and large swathes of the urban sprawl and regional areas reel under dangerous flood situations, Animal Welfare League NSW […]

The ABCs of veterinary dentistry: D is for Dentigerous cyst

Dr David E Clarke BVSc Diplomate AVDC Fellow AVD Registered Specialist, Veterinary Dentistry and Oral Surgery Tracey Small BA (Soc Sc), VN, Dip VN (Dentistry)   In this article […]

‘Stealthy’ stem cells better for treating tendon injuries in horses

Treating equine donor stem cells with a growth factor called TGF-β2 may allow them to avoid “tripping” the immune response in recipients, according to new research from North Carolina State […]