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How some mammals pause their pregnancies

Biochemical reasons for lag times between conception and pregnancy in mice became clearer in a recent study How do some mammals postpone the development of their embryos to await better […]

More than one billion animals killed in Australian bushfires

Professor Chris Dickman has revised his estimate of the number of animals killed in bushfires in NSW to more than 800 million animals, with a national impact of more than […]

Horses blink less, twitch eyelids more when stressed

How can you tell when a horse is feeling stressed? It’s all in the eyes and the way their eyelids twitch, University of Guelph researchers have discovered. A horse will […]

Genes play a role in dog breed differences in behaviour

Given the dazzling array of dog breeds, from dachshunds to mastiffs, from poodles to bloodhounds, it’s easy to forget that most of that diversity arose only in the last few […]

Reading dogs’ facial expressions is learned, not innate

Dogs were the first domesticated animal, with humans and dogs sharing more than 40,000 years of social interactions and life together. According to the co-domestication hypothesis, this process allowed humans […]

Ticked off with Parasite treatment sales? Take your too hard basket to the checkout below!

If you’re losing interest in selling flea and tick preventatives in your clinic, you’re not alone! Many clinics sight competition from online & “big box” retail, reduced margins and fear […]

Tooth fractures and treatment options in dogs and cats

David Clarke, BVSc, Diplomate AVDC, Fellow AVD, MANZCVS Registered Specialist, Veterinary Dentistry and Oral Surgery, Dental Care for Pets, Telisha Noller, BSc, DVM Structure of the teeth and tooth […]

A shelter dog first benefits an innovative leg implant

Russian scientists and veterinarians have developed hind leg prostheses for pets, which ensure a full recovery after surgery Veterinarians from Novosibirsk have conducted Russia’s first osseointegrable prosthetics of the hind […]

Completion of veterinary anti-cancer trial in USA treating dogs with mast cell tumours

Australian life sciences company, QBiotics Group Limited (QBiotics) has received positive top line results from its core pivotal field safety and efficacy clinical trial in dogs with mast cell tumours, […]

New method to treat life-threatening heart arrhythmias in dogs

Morris Animal Foundation-funded researchers have developed a new treatment for dogs with a rare, but life-threatening, arrhythmia caused by atrioventricular accessory pathways (APs). The minimally invasive technique, which uses radio […]