Protein derived from tick saliva proves effective in the treatment of equine skin cancer

Experiments were conducted by scientists affiliated with the Centre of Excellence in New Target Discovery, a research centre supported by FAPESP, involving five animals with spontaneous skin tumours. A protein derived from the saliva of the tick Amblyomma sculptum has been successfully used by researchers at the Butantan Institute in São Paulo, Brazil, to treat […]

Key to harmonious pet relationships: Pheromones

Animal behaviour scientists from the University of Lincoln, UK, have discovered that filling homeS with appeasing pheromones could be the key to a happy household where both dogs and cats are living under the same roof. The new research, led by Professor Daniel Mills and Dr Miriam Prior, explored the effects of two different pheromone products on cat-dog […]

What can animal coronaviruses tell us about emerging human coronaviruses? BY Joe Brownlie, Emeritus Professor and Dick Sibley

Diseases are continually emerging. A conservative estimate is that there is one new human disease every eight months, with even more emerging in animals. In 2008, the UK Government’s Foresight programme investigated the potential threat of new and emerging diseases.1,2 Of the eight categories of diseases that were considered to be particularly important, three were prescient […]

Vets would not manage Covid-19 this way BY Dick Sibley and Joe Brownlie

Veterinary surgeons with any experience in dealing with infectious disease and population medicine will be looking at the government’s current management of the Covid-19 epidemic with dismay. The current approach is to manage the epidemic to fit the critical care capacity of the NHS – something that has been under-resourced over many years. It is […]

Webinar to Offer Veterinary Mental Health Advice

Veterinarian and founder of High Performance Vets, Dr. Natasha Wilks, will present this webinar on practical strategies for maintaining mental wellbeing in practice on Sunday, July 19th at 7.15pm. • Zoetis to raise $100,000 in 2020 to support mental health in Australia. This will be the company’s fifth annual campaign, which will total $500,000 of […]

Puppy Dental Malocclusion: Deciduous Mandibular Canine and Incisor Teeth Extraction and Permanent Canine Teeth Crown Extensions

BY DR DAVID E CLARKE REGISTERED SPECIALIST, VETERINARY DENTISTRY AND ORAL SURGERY Oral pathology and the dentition of young animals is often overlooked and under treated. This is often because, during the period deciduous teeth are present, a puppy is examined only twice for vaccinations. It is also common for the veterinary practice to find […]

Pets and the Coronavirus Lockdown

Animals can be a strong emotional support in difficult times, and it might feel like with all the spare time during the Corona lockdown, now is the perfect time to foster or adopt an animal. However, this needs to be a carefully considered undertaking. Whilst a wonderful thing to do, adoption is a long-term commitment, […]

Costly pig lung disease puzzle solved

Queensland researchers have discovered that a previously unrecognised bacterium is responsible for the signs of lung disease found in pig carcases, rather than a similar, internationally recognised infection that the animals had been vaccinated against. Having solved the disease mystery, the research team at the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI) is now […]